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Monday, 17 June 2013

Surely we're all winners?

Those following me on twitter and who enjoy a running commentary of my hangovers may be aware that I once again attended the Drapers/Paypal/Retail Week Etail Awards last week.

Now I've been a tad critical of industry awards of late - the political/who wants to sell to who/often uninspired winners do still leave me a bit cold- although last night some real up and coming etailers were shining through as stars of the industry - which was lovely to see.

What struck me as a bit of a shame was the lack of people there-  I don't mean numbers, it was clearly a sell out again, but the faces were very similar to those from last year...and the year before. Sponsors Paypal had 3 tables. 3!

It was a nice atmosphere this year - representatives from some of the most successful online companies were cheering each time their site or app was shown on the big screen but quite often a shortlisted nomination would be read out and there would silence. Given we put ourselves forward for these awards I don't understand why that would happen? Because people don't believe in them any more? Don't see them as an achievement? Are people too 'busy' and full of the size of their own inbox to make time? 

Whether you believe in the genuine achievement behind an industry award or not - being able to celebrate a hard year's work with your wider industry colleagues is surely worth doing? Treating your team to a night out and an opportunity to dance the night away with some of their ecom heroes? The chance to chat and catch up with people? A night of letting your hair down and celebrating the success of this industry in tough economic times? No?

Sad times.

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