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Thursday, 19 April 2012

5 geeky retail things I do (and so do you..I hope...because that would make me feel less sad....)

It's Thursday, it's miserable weather, I was out last night.....

I could dissect Tesco's retail strategy but I frankly can't be bothered and Retail Week pretty much has that covered. Instead, retail fluff for your lunchtime perusal. All hail fluff

Get mistaken for members of staff

Once upon a time when we were all wearing polyester midi skirts and actual 'blouses' this never happened. But now that store staff are wearing their own company's product and looking all casual it's impossible to know who works there and who doesn't. If I'm waiting for a friend in a shop I will undoubtably be asked for something in another size. Today a customer in M&S asked me where the milk was... I had my coat on!

Unconsciously 'floor walk' every shop you go into

You know you've gone too far when you come out of a shop having a conversation with a friend which goes like this 'wonderful store - immaculate recovery, really nice staff, few low lines, good density' you have to start wondering about your sanity.

Get all my friends refunds

My friend had a battle with Oasis over a refund. Over dinner at Ping Pong I bored her with the details of the DSR's and three days later........voila....It's when you find yourself on the phone to a customer service agent starting the sentence 'I work in online retail and....' you have to stop and consider how much of an idiot you sound. Answer: massive.
Accidentally sign off refund slips

OK I'm a geek, all credibility lost. I accept it.

Talk in codes...and don't realise it

I can't help myself, for 8 years of my life a casual short was a KL - I cannot call it a three quarter combat short, it is a KL. My boyfriend luckily (or not so luckily?) also used to work in the same retail chain so knows what I mean but I do still know this is weird. Conversations with friends that go.."Oooh did you see that AB with a ED? WRONG!"...oh lord. Me and my mother regularly converse in M&S department's not big, it's not clever but it's a habit I..... just...cannot...break..

There must be more? Anyone think of any?

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MrsD said...

ha ha my mother hates shopping with me as she says I have a "shop girls face" as we are often stopped and asked for stuff and due to drilled down training I often help or point in the right direction and yes I am the woman who goes and gets other sizes for strangers in fitting rooms

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