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Friday, 13 January 2012

Zen and the art of recruitment #2

Oh dear two more hideous examples from cold callers  - I can't just blame recruiters though, I think at least one of these was a consultancy/vendor.Avoid these like the plague-  I am

The yuppy recruiter

"Hi H, here's a job you probably don't want, what number can I reach you on?" - it's aggressive, it's pushy, it's not cool and BTW it's not 1985.

The sneak

STALKER: "Hi I need to speak to H please"
SWITCHBOARD: "Oh sorry no you're stalker and we don't use those here"
STALKER "Oh no we spoke earlier in the week and she said this was a better time to call"  - oh you're a) a liar b) overly pushy and c) never going to get the chance to speak to me again

This could end up being a regular series.....Happy Friday!

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